The Advantage Of Being A Part of Joint Health And Safety Committee

trainingTo achieve the health and safety workplace, it must consist of both the worker and employer representatives to do the work. The main goal is to improve health and safety environment at the workplace. The JHSC or joint health and safety committee is in charge for the health and safety. They required for structure ventures on which 20 or more personnel are full time employed and likely to last three months or more. All the member of the joint health and safety committees must be educated in same workplace threats found in their specific place of work. To ensure the high level of quality and consistency of training standards are maintained, the Ministry of Labour has carry out a new teaching standard start March 1, 2016.

The members of the committee are responsible for listening to and representing workers employed in each of the trades at the construction project. It includes, facilitating to recognize and report threats to the JHSC. The jhsc services in ontario had some examples for construction hazards related to the following:
•    Working at heights. Struck-by hazards
•    Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
•    Electrocutions
•    Confined spaces

The advantage as a JHSC, they have the practical knowledge regarding to the various trades and tasks found on a construction area that are brought together to make a comprehensive understanding of company rules and measures. They also detect and can solve possible on-site health and safety complications before they become at risk. The JHSC assists to evaluate every risk of accidents/incidents, injuries and illness. They don’t just maintain and monitor of injury and work hazard records, they also monitor and give follow-up hazard reports and recommending proper actions to a specific problem. If you want to be a part of joint health and safety committee, you must be trained first and you can also get jhsc certification online.