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Charlotte Hornets Basketball In North Carolina

The Bobcats have build up a strong fan base quite quickly and this can be considered in the sale of Charlotte Bobcats basketball tickets. The Charlotte Bobcats became a NBA franchise in the year 2003. Earlier that year, the NBA Board of Governors had agreed to be given to the city of Charlotte their very own basketball team. Bernie Bickerstaff became the head coach and the set of manager of the team.

Dubbed the Charlotte Bobcats, tourists can catch them playing a game at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, built in fall of 2005. Charlotte is also a football fan’s delight. The Carolina Panthers are based in Charlotte. Games can be attended at the city’s Bank of America stadium.

The residents of Charlotte had felt cheated when in 2001 the Charlotte Hornets moved to New Orleans and became the New Orleans Hornets. The residents of Charlotte had been demanding their very own basketball team ever since then.

Fans can purchase their Charlotte Bobcats basketball tickets online. This is easy and convenient. All they got to do is find an authorized online ticket broker and check on their inventory. While on the site they can see the seating arrangements at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena and see which one they’d like to have. Then simply order online and give 6 to 24 hours for the tickets to be made at your home. The online process is correct and very easy to use.

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